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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer experience expands the possibilities of previous Call of Duty Multiplayer games. With the new movements system which allows players to chain movements together while in the new maps which have been created from the ground up to make the game play more head-to-head.

You can choose to play as one of the new nine Specialists, each of them has their own look, personality, abilities and level progression system (Kind of like Battlefield).

On top of this, you will be able to equip up to five attachments and an optic sight while being bale to customise nearly every aspect of your load-out in Gunsmith. Then give your weapon a signature look in the Paint shop.

Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game may vary in features to NexGen Consoles.

(source Call of Duty)

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Early DLC for ‘SEASON PASS HOLDERS’

So, how’s Advanced Warfare for everyone?

Well, it’s about to get a whole lot better if your a season pass holder. Call of Duty have released information this week about there DLC for 2015, but you will be able to get some of the DLC early if your currently a season pass holder.

On December 11th, season pass holders will gain access to two new weapons.

Weapon 1 – AE4


This is a direct energy Assault Rifle. It integrates speed and handling with great movement speeds.

On top of this, you will also get access to the AE4 Widowmaker, this is just a more customised version of the AE4


All this will be available to season pass holders on December 11th. If your looking to get the season pass over the christmas holidays, you will be able to access these weapons straight away.

Here is some game play for the new weapon

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So we have been playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare all week and we have to say that we are loving the game! We have been playing the Campaign, Multiplayer and Exo Survival and they are all great.



The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare campaign is the best Call of Duty campaign we have ever played! and were not just saying that because it is the latest Call of Duty game out. The story to the campaign is fantastic as it starts of with two best friends in the army going out on a mission. But as s**t gets real (to put it lightly) your friend get him arm trapped and push your away to save you! Then things get personal!!

The story is great as it has a massive turn around half way through, so you are going against the people that you work for! But are working for the people that you used to work for. Confusing i know, but if you are going to play the campaign you will get what we mean.


Well, its different, very different. If you think you are going to go into this game with the tactics and playing style from previous Call of Duty games, !THINK AGAIN!

Advanced Warfare is going to be one of those games that you either love or hate. We love it as it makes a change from all of the other Call of Duty online multiplayer’s! The Exo Suites rely make it a unique game, with everyone jumping around boosting left right and centre, its a very fast paced game which is what we like about it. There are no room for campers in this game as everyone if pin point accurate (most of the time).

Exo Survival

This is a lot harder of a game mode that it is. It is a lot like the third game mode from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 where you have to survive for as long as you can in each round. It’s like zombies but the enemy can shoot back at you.

Speaking of zombies, this is supposed to be dropping in one of the map packs that is coming out, which one we don’t know. (Hopefully not the last one) We have loved zombies since it was launched back on Call of Duty: World at War and has been one of them game modes that you can just go and and have a laugh with your friends, that is why it has become such a fan favourite.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Reloading System

The reloading system in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is rely unique, taking the perk ‘Slight of Hand’ (From previous Call of Duty games) and putting it into the reload system without the need of the perk.

There is the standard reload where you press the reload button and it reloads your weapon, putting what ever bullets you had left in your weapon and adding it back to you bullet count.

But there is also a second type of reload.

If you double tap the reload button, you will do a slightly faster reload, but the bullets that yu had in there clip at the time of the reload, will be discarded and not added back into you bullet count like on the first type of reload.

Try it for yourself if you do not understand, but i think hat it is a greta little thing that they have added into this game, giving you the option to do a quicker reload if you need it if you are in a sticky situation, or a slower reload.

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Gamescom Day 3: Round Up

So on day 3 of Gamescom 2014, we managed to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection. We watched a co-op mission of the new Tom Clancy’s: The Division. Then finished off with Battlefield 4 on the PC.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was the high light for us though! We played a 4v4 on a Halo 2 map and we both had a mint game! We took 1st and 2nd of the leaderboards with a 20-2 and 18-1. It was good to play an old game again with much improved graphics (obviously) but it felt the same as before that was what made it so good!

The we got in line to go a PLAY Tom Clancy’s: The Division. It said co-op on the sign so us (who can’t speak German) got in line thinking we would play a coop mission, we saw a sign that said something in German but we could not make out what it said. So as we got in there we say a big screen and a load of chairs. We felt like right idiots! But we sat through the level that’s couple of the developers had played and it looked as all Tom Clancy games have done in the past, very advanced. There are new customisation elements that look very good. We will be defiantly getting the game as we love co-op games and have played previous Tom Clancy games. So stick around for that!

After playing Battlefield 4 on the Play Station 4, we decided to give it a go on PC. As we are not big PC gamers and mainly console based, we found it a challenge to play it on PC but it was challenge accepted and we thought it was very good. That same as when we had played it on the Play Station 4 but it felt smooth and the Graphics where insane.

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Gamescom Day 2

Gamescom day 2 is here for the general public, with massive gaming events going on through out the day with pro players and also giving us, the public a chance to win some amazing prizes.

We will be playing the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer today and also getting our hands on The Crew! We will be bringing you news and updates through out the day so stay tuned for that and our Gamescom Day 2: Roundup later on today.

Stay tuned with out social networking sites to see what we are up to through out the day.

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Gamescom Day 1: Roundup


Gamescom is INSANE!

The amount of people that turned up the first day is crazy.


This doesn’t even do justice to the amount of people that turned up.

Then theres the actual gaming booths them selves, the new games that will be coming out soon look amazing. Graphics have come such a long way in terms of gaming.

The game that blew up away though was The Crew! With an free rome racing track of all of America! Also the Developer said that there will be NO LOADING through out the course of playing the.

(Check previous post / video for more info)

Today, we will be getting in insainly long line to play the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer, The Crew and Halo. Then the weekend, try and get on to The Evil Within, Dead Island 2 + many more.

So stay tuned for more as we will bring you more information tonight with a round of Gamescom Day 2.

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