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The Evil Within


The evil within was at gamescom after being seen back in May. While there we got the plot of the game and what you will be doing within the game.

While investigating the scene of a gruesome mass murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners encounter a mysterious and powerful force. After seeing the slaughter of his  officers, Sebastian is ambushed and knocked unconscious. When he comes round, he finds himself in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. Facing unimaginable terror, and fighting for survival, Sebastian embarks on a frightening journey to unravel what’s behind this evil force.
At the demo in Germany we played chapter 9 on the mission “cruel intentions” which is pretty far into he game.


The graphics were really sharp  and crisp making for a good horror game. They weren’t quite up to the levels of some of the other games we saw but this could just be down to the purposely placed dingy lighting for horror purposes.

While playing we found that there were still a few bugs in the game which we thought is probably the reason that the release date was pushed back a bit.
The things we found were when picking up items it took a few attempts at different angles for the pick up icon to appear, this isn’t s problem in quieter parts of the game but if your on the run and you have to try and pick up ammo from different angles you may get a zombie up behind you planting it’s teeth into you. The other thing we found was not a bug as such but more of a personal opinion. When walking through a door there’s an option to open it slowly but with this comes a small cut scene which after a few times becomes laborious. There is an option to kick the door down quickly without a cut scene but this can be more trouble than its worth.

Now onto the game play. It is the standard layout and controls for this type of game. Compared to other zombie games where a few shotgun shells to the body or head will end them but in this game you have to get them down and then burn them with a match to make sure that they don’t get back up again.
In some Instances in the game you will need to just run away because of lack of ammo or too many enemies, this can be a problem because of the stamina bar. This feature will force you to scavenge for everything you can, even bottles can be thrown for distractions or weapons.


Being sneaky in this game is definitely the the way to go. Throughout the game you will be able to be sneaky and do thing such as hiding under beds and in cupboards and wardrobes.

Overall this game looks like it will be a good addition to the many horror games out there. The way the game is meant to be played may be a bit hard for some people to get used to in a world of fast paced 1st person shooters. The game did have a few tense and scary moments combined with the eerie and jumpy soundtrack but we feel that if the the game was 1st person it would add alot lore suspense and tension to the game and would also intensify the scary moments with in the game.

The game looks like it will be a good contender in the horror game market and will be a must buy when it gets released in October this year.

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Die Rise

So what do you think of the Die Rise map?

Have you created the sliquifiier yet?

Let us know your highest round or if you have found anything interesting.


As with new zombie maps theres always some new achievements to try and complete, here are the list of the achievements and a brief how-to

1) High Maintenance Achievement

In order to complete the high maintenance die rise achievement you will obviously need to be on the die rise map. As of now the only thing that we know about this achievement as you will need to be the architect of their instruction. The high maintenance achievement and Black Ops 2 zombies will award you with 75 gamer points.

2) Vertigoner Achievement

To complete the Vertigoner achievement and I rise you will need to use the Trample Steam to fling 10 zombies. This should be one of the easiest die rise achievements to complete. All you need to do is build the trample steam and then use it to playing a couple handfuls of zombies. The Vertigoner achievement will get you 10 gamer points.

3) Mad Without Power Achievement

You will achieve the mad without power achievement if you can make it to round 10 without turning on the power and Die Rise. This new revolution achievement is probably one of the easier ones to complete, if you actually have enough skill to make of the round 10. The map without power achievement will award you with 30 gamer points.

4) Shafted Achievement

In order to complete the shafted achievements and the revolution map pack, you will need to use the pack a punch machine and all of the perks in one game on die rise. For some people, this may be one of the more challenging achievements in the new revolution map pack. Upon completing be shafted achievement in die rise you will earn 35 gamer points.

5) Slippery When Undead Achievement

To unlock the slippery when undead achievement in Black Ops 2 zombies you will need to kill five zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier. If you’re not familiar with the Sliquifier, it is the new wonder weapon offered in the die rise map. You will first need to build the Sliquifier in die rise, which requires you to find the four parts to it first. After you build the Sliquifier it should be pretty easy to kill five zombies with a single shot since the weapon is so powerful. After you complete the slippery when dad achievement and I rise you should see an icon pop up on the screen giving you 15 gamer points.

6) I’m My Own Best Friend Achievement

In order to complete the I am my own best friend achievement and die rise you simply need to revive yourself. This means that you will need to play a game of Black Ops 2 zombies on solo mode and use the quick revive perk. All you should have to do is purchase quick revive and then get downed. Your character will revive himself as long as you have quick revive. After you revive yourself you will complete the I am my own best friend achievement and be awarded 10 gamer points.

7) Polyarmory Achievement

If you want to complete the Polyarmory achievement you will need to play on the new turned game mode and diner. To unlock the Polyarmory achievement you will need to get a kill with each primary weapon in a public match. The Polyarmory achievement cannot be completed unless you are playing in a public match on the diner in turn mode. The new turn mode is quite a bit different than the traditional form of zombies, since you will be playing as an actual zombie. When you complete the Polyarmory achievement you should earn 30 gamer points.

8) Monkey See, Monkey Doom Achievement

Once again, in order to complete the monkey see, monkey doom achievements you will need to be playing and diner turned mode. To complete this achievement you will need to acquire a chained Cymbal Monkey in a public match. Upon the completion of monkey see, monkey doom achievements you should earn 15 gamer points.

9) I See Live People Achievement

To complete the I see why people achievement and Black Ops 2 zombies, you will need to be playing on turned game mode in the diner. As you are playing, you will need to kill the human while it’s decoy is in play in a public match. Of the I see you live people achievement should give you 20 gamer points.

10) Facing The Dragon Achievement

If you want to complete the facing the Dragon achievement on die rise you will simply need to face the Dragon had on before reaching round to. Facing the Dragon achievement is probably one of the easier of these 10 to achievements in the revolution map pack. Facing the Dragon achievement will award you with 10 gamer points.

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Horror games to look forward to in 2013

If horrors are your thing then i think 2013 will be your year. There is a whole hot of new horror games coming out, some returning favourites and some new.

Here are just a few of them.

Outlast (PC)

This is a game that any horror fan would love, you play as an independent journalist who is acting upon a tip from an inside source. and long story short you end up breaking your way into a long – abandoned asylum for the mentally ill called Mount Massive Asylum and you find something that was meant to be kept a secret.

Until Dawn (PS3) 

Now this game can be pretty much summed up with one term – Teen Horror. Thats right Until Dawn is aiming for the teen horror look and feel. But before going to but this game, you need to know that you have to have the playstation move in order to play it.

Dementium II (PC)

If when you play this game and you think, hmmm i feel like i have already played this game, then it stands a chance that you probably have, back in 2010 on the Nintendo DS. They are basically just re-releasing the game on pc but with obvious changes to graphics and other game adjustments.

Routine (Mac, PC)

If you are into deep space horror and dead space just isn’t filling your appetite,then Routine is the game for you, it is set in an abandoned moon base and your job is to uncover data to discover the secret to why everyone who was stationed on the moon base has disappeared.

Dark ( Xbox 360, PS3,PC)

Now this game is kinda hard to call a horror game because of its premise. But essentially it is a stealth game with RPG elements where you play the role of the ultimate killer… A Vampire!!!

Among the sleep (PC,Mac)

This game sees the player play as a 2 year old after he has been put to sleep. Now this may not sound like a good set up for a horror but you play in the borderland between dreams and reality, and where surreal creatures and diverse environments  will present you with both mental and physical challenges.

Dead Space 3 (PC, Xbox 360,PS3)

Visceral and EA continues the adventures of engineer Issac Clarke and his fight against the Necromorphs. Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier, John Carver, on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. They crash land on the frozen planet called Tau Volantis and must now fight their way through the planet’s harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts.

Bioshock Infinite

Who is looking forward to the new Bioshock?  I know i am.
Bioshock infinite will be set in a etupoian city gone wrong, like the two previous games. But this time there will be two settings, one below the sea and one in the sky, both troubled with civil war
Bioshock is not generally a FPS for all guns blazing meat heads and hopefully infinite will follow in its footsteps.  Bioshock instead is a game that likes to challenge its players mentally more than the skill to run out all guns blazing.


But don’t get me wrong, Bioshock is bound to have its fair share of action. This will probably come in the form if battling crazed citizens and having the choice to kill them in a lot of different ways.

You will still have guns etc but to me what makes Bioshock great is the almost superpower like abilities that you can use to defeat enemies, whether it be electrocution or throwing fireballs at them or even sending swarms of insects to finish them off and probably a whole lot more of stuff that we have yet to be shown.

Your companion Elizabeth,I think will be a good addition to the game . She will be able to use her power also, which allows her to bring objects from the future to you to help fight of enemies . And because the game is set in the 1900’s there will no doubt be some futuristic goodies brought back to help you.

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