Gamescom Day 4 – Roundup

This might be a bit late… Sorry

But its was the last day of Gamescom 2014 and it has been a blast! The past 4 days have been amazing in Cologne, Germany. The atmosphere in and around Gamescom was amazing.

On the last day we tried to get on as many games as possible. We started with The Crew and we had to wait a full 2 Hours to get on! it was worth it in the end. All three of us have loved racing games from Simpsons – Hit and Run, to Need for Speed – Underground 2, to Forza Motorsport. So The Crew was just another addition to amazing series of racing games. The Crew is a very unique racing game. It is an open platform racing game where you can drive pretty much anywhere! The open world is the WHOLE of America, literally!! That what makes it amazing. When we tested the game at Gamescom. We had completed a time trial race, the went to the ‘Garage’ where we chose a car from a selection and customised the hell out of it! The customisation that you can do with the cars are insane. You can take a Porsche 911 road card, and transform it to a complete off road car! The possibility’s are endless.

If you want more information on The Crew, check out our previous post.

Then, we jumped in line for a last stint on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As we are mainly Call of Duty players, that was the one game that we was looking forward to the most. We jumped on the game and played Uplink and Team Deathmatch again, and we did not fail to rule once again.

Then that was that, Gamescom 2014 over for us. it was a blast and we had a lot of fun testing the new games.

It just sucks that we cant play the games for another couple of months! 😦

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