Gamescom Day 1: Roundup


Gamescom is INSANE!

The amount of people that turned up the first day is crazy.


This doesn’t even do justice to the amount of people that turned up.

Then theres the actual gaming booths them selves, the new games that will be coming out soon look amazing. Graphics have come such a long way in terms of gaming.

The game that blew up away though was The Crew! With an free rome racing track of all of America! Also the Developer said that there will be NO LOADING through out the course of playing the.

(Check previous post / video for more info)

Today, we will be getting in insainly long line to play the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer, The Crew and Halo. Then the weekend, try and get on to The Evil Within, Dead Island 2 + many more.

So stay tuned for more as we will bring you more information tonight with a round of Gamescom Day 2.

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