Road to Gamescom 2014

So Gamescom 2014 is underway!

Today all the media and gaming stars from around the world have gathered together to cover all of the gaming news that company’s are releasing over the next 5 days. (13th – 17th August)

As we are not the media and gaming stars then we will have to wait till tomorrow to get a look at the new games and gadgets. The things thats we are looking forward to the most will be Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Fifa 15, Destiny and Halo, and also a look at the new Xbox One design’s.

The Journey…

We had an early start to the day having to catch two trains to the airport. Then from Birmingham Airport to Cologne, then another train to get to our hotel. Its been a long day and our feet are killing!!


So, Germany so far…

We have managed to sample the local cuisine with a 12 Chicken Box from McDonald’s and some zesty drink from the corner shop. The rain has been on and off here in Cologne all day but it has brightened up and is looking nice. Whether you come to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom or to just visit, you can not go wrong!

So stay tuned over the next few days for the latest news and courage here from Cologne, Germany.

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