Bioshock Infinite

Who is looking forward to the new Bioshock?  I know i am.
Bioshock infinite will be set in a etupoian city gone wrong, like the two previous games. But this time there will be two settings, one below the sea and one in the sky, both troubled with civil war
Bioshock is not generally a FPS for all guns blazing meat heads and hopefully infinite will follow in its footsteps.  Bioshock instead is a game that likes to challenge its players mentally more than the skill to run out all guns blazing.


But don’t get me wrong, Bioshock is bound to have its fair share of action. This will probably come in the form if battling crazed citizens and having the choice to kill them in a lot of different ways.

You will still have guns etc but to me what makes Bioshock great is the almost superpower like abilities that you can use to defeat enemies, whether it be electrocution or throwing fireballs at them or even sending swarms of insects to finish them off and probably a whole lot more of stuff that we have yet to be shown.

Your companion Elizabeth,I think will be a good addition to the game . She will be able to use her power also, which allows her to bring objects from the future to you to help fight of enemies . And because the game is set in the 1900’s there will no doubt be some futuristic goodies brought back to help you.

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